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Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping in. I’m glad you’re here, because this site is for you. I believe we’re meant to know peace in life, so I write about how to do that and share it once we find it. That’s what I’m passionate about! I like to keep things sourced in God’s truth and useful for life. I’d love for you to connect here, leave a comment, or contact me through email. My hope is for us to find a peace we can share.
Much peace, Julie

Let’s find a peace we can share together!
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Three Words from the Teacher

School takes on different forms for moms today. Some stand waving at bus stops. Others drop off backpack-clad kids from creeping car lines. Some push aside laundry and turn their home space into school space each day. As I teacher, I shake my head at today's variety of learning versions, like a big box of crayons. With all the curriculums and customized formats unique to families, we may wonder if there are still Back-to-School messages meant for "all the moms". Yes, there are. There are essential, comforting words from the Teacher for your school year. Good teachers don't ask students ...
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